Watch out for a ‘dazzling’ ‘dancing’ style as Weber performs at Wuhan’s first-ever ‘Dancing Wuhans’ event

Weber’s latest performance car, the Performance Performance Model 7, was unveiled in China on Wednesday, the company’s first ever appearance at a major auto show in Wuhu, China.

It’s a striking design, with an unusual body shape that’s almost like a dancer’s mask.

Weber says the performance model 7 is the result of a collaboration with the Wuhuan International Dance Company, which it acquired in 2016.

“We started from the beginning with the company and its artistic and creative team and we started with the idea of the performance car,” said Weber’s CEO Matthias Diesendorf.

“The performance model will allow us to show our customers the most elegant and high-quality performance vehicle ever, so they can be proud of it.”

Performance models have been Weber’s signature in the luxury car segment for several years.

They’re designed to perform well on the track and are more than just performance.

The company says the Performance Model is the “most affordable luxury SUV ever”, with the highest level of safety and performance.

But Weber isn’t just aiming for the highest standard of performance.

It aims to improve on previous models in terms of technology, design and styling.

It hopes to be able to offer cars that are more affordable than its competitors, but it’s also keen to deliver performance for the environment.

That means the new Performance Model will have to be eco-friendly.

The Wuhua International Dance company’s logo is seen at the top of a Performance Model vehicle at the Wüwenshan International Exhibition Center in Wüan, eastern China, on February 18, 2020.

Source: Reuters/Stringer It’s designed to look like a car on the inside and out.

It will have a carbon fibre body with a metal roof, and it will have air conditioning and a power roof rack.

It’ll also have a range of LED lights and lights that reflect off the body to create a stunning effect.

Weber also promises to provide the most efficient engine ever made, thanks to its new 2.0-litre, twin-turbo V6.

The new engine will produce 295bhp (180kW) and 295Nm (170lb ft) of torque, and the range will be around 600km (370 miles) from the base model.

But while performance models are expected to offer better fuel economy, the new model will still come with a host of safety features.

Weber will provide a range-extending suspension system and a new electric power steering system to complement the standard electronic driving assistance system.

The electric steering system, which is expected to be standard on all cars in 2020, will have two control modes: “active” and “inactive”.

“Active” mode, which will be available in all models, will let the driver use the steering wheel and brake pedal to adjust the car’s speed, steering angle, acceleration and braking distance.

“Inactive” mode will allow only the driver to control the vehicle’s steering, accelerator and brake.

Weber is aiming to offer all models with this new system by 2020, with a total of 50 models in production, and a range that will stretch to 400km (250 miles).

“We’ve been trying to get it to that point,” said Diesidelf.

He said the company is working on its electric-assist driving system, and also plans to offer the new system to new models in 2019, “as soon as possible”.

The company is planning to launch the new car at the Paris Motor Show next month.

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