How the L.A. Times’s Lady Gaga Performance Became a “Trash” Film, Now on Netflix!

A recent L.a.

Times story on Lady Gaga’s death (which she was supposed to have finished filming before her death) got a lot of people talking.

The Times article, which was titled “LIVE!

Lady Gaga on the brink of death,” detailed how Gaga was set to begin filming a new film, “Bodies.”

Gaga’s manager, Mark Burnett, had previously told TMZ that the film was “on the table,” but that she had “failed” to get her own film made.

The article continued: Gaga’s agent had been approached by Paramount about the film.

Gaga had reportedly asked her agent for help securing financing, but she never received any money.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Peter Travers noted that Burnett had previously said, “Lady Gaga’s final film is going to be called Bodies.

It’s on the table.

We’re not ruling anything out.”

The article went on to detail how Gaga’s body had already been found in a garbage dumpster.

In another article published by the L-T, the Los Angeles Times’ Jessica Meehan reported that Burnett’s statement “wasn’t just a lie, it was downright reckless.”

“He was lying,” Meegan wrote.

“If this is true, the public should not be expected to believe it.

In an industry where the press is so often the scapegoat, and where it often gets the lion’s share of blame, the Times should be ashamed of its coverage.”

In addition to Burnett’s comment, the LAC Times’ report also revealed that a woman who was supposed in Gaga’s film to be a doctor who performed autopsys had allegedly passed away.

The woman was named Mary Beth Johnson, who was the subject of a Hollywood Reporter article published in October of last year.

The Los Angeles Daily News, a major tabloid outlet, broke the news of Johnson’s death earlier this month, stating that “the news of her passing came as a shock.”

The LA Times reported that “at least five people” had called the Hollywood Reporter to report Johnson’s demise.

The story noted that “it was not clear who was responsible for Johnson’s mysterious death.”

The LAC reported that the woman’s family “has been notified of her death.”

Meehen also wrote that the actress’ body had been found at a garbage disposal in Los Angeles.

Johnson, the LA Times added, “was a veteran of the medical profession, known for her work with children and families, and a mother of five children who were in her care.”

The Los Angelenos Weekly reported that Johnson’s body was “attempted” to be “buried” by her bodyguard, who had also apparently passed away, but “the body was discovered at the end of a garbage-disposal line.”

Mere days after the LAFS report, a tweet from a representative of Johnson, whose last tweet was posted on October 14, 2018, read: “She’s not dead.

She’s just buried.”

The representative did not respond to The Hollywood Review’s request for comment.

The LATimes reported that, “Johnson’s bodyguard had also been in contact with the Hollywood Conservancy, who said that he and another person were helping to move the remains to a cemetery.

The conservancy also said it had notified the coroner’s office and the Los Feliz Fire Department.”

The Hollywood Conservancies spokesperson told The Hollywood Journal, “We are aware of the story.

We are working with authorities to ensure the proper protocol is followed.”

MEEHAN added, “[T]here is no indication that Johnson ever spoke with the film company.”

MARTIN HILL/Getty Images Burnett did not reveal which studio had asked for Johnson to be in Gaga, nor did he disclose the identity of the person who actually buried her body.

The LAFs report did note that Johnson was a longtime collaborator with the actress, and that “she was not affiliated with any film projects in the immediate past.”

Burnett also said that the LAGA, which is run by Burnett, would be “happy to be able to bring her back to life.”

MONEY FROM THE LAGAs the LAP, the Hollywood Film Academy, which hosts a biopic about Madonna, has announced that they are donating all of the profits from the film, which has earned over $60 million in sales, to the Lady Gaga Fund.

As The Hollywood Times previously reported, the Lady Gaga Fund will “provide scholarships, help support research, and promote the work of the LGA and other Lady Gaga projects.”

“We’re excited to announce that we’re going to donate the proceeds of ‘Bodies’ to Lady Gaga and her family,” said LAFA president Bill A. Buhler in a statement.

“We know that Lady Gaga is an inspiration to so many, and we’re honored that she is so well known

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