Hawk Performance, Phastek Performance & VMP Performance on ‘Phastek’ Premiere

When Phasteks debuted its debut album on March 8, it set the bar high for what to expect from an electro-pop act in 2017.

While the tracklisting alone makes for a great start, the rest of the album is more than worth your time.

This album showcases Phastkes versatility and range.

While this year’s lineup is still a work in progress, the fact that the album was created by a collective of musicians who have worked together before is a testament to the band’s creative prowess.

As for the producers, Phasts producer/co-founder, Maximilian Büchler, and his fellow producers at the VMP production company, Phastic, have brought the energy of a classic band and a more modern sound to this year.

We’re proud to present the premiere of Hawk Performance’s debut album, PhASTeks, and VMP’s debut EP, Phasm.

Both albums will be available March 20 through iTunes and Vimeo.

Watch the debut episode below.

(Also, check out the first episode of Phastks upcoming album, “Bathroom Blues.”)

The debut of Hawk performance has been a long time coming, so it’s only fitting that this collaboration between two of the most influential musicians of the 20th century is now coming to an end.

Phastke performed his solo album, Hawk, on a couple of occasions throughout 2017, but he never produced an album that captured the same level of excitement as his debut.

Now that Phasteker has made a return to the spotlight with Phastacks sophomore album, Birds, he’s not the only artist in Phastes family that can bring the intensity of Hawk to the forefront of his music.

He has the talent and the talent is ready to be the next Phastkos.

This is a project that deserves to be showcased at its finest.

In the months leading up to this album’s release, Phas has been making regular appearances on the radio, promoting the album in front of his home-state fans.

During the tour, he has also started playing live shows and his fans have been loving it.

The fans have responded well to Phastakis ability to blend in with his surroundings and create a sense of freedom in his live performances.

This type of freedom has always been at the heart of Phas sound, and now it’s finally being realized on the album.

Phas is the perfect frontman to bring the new sound to Phasm and to help the band get out of their comfort zone.

The songwriting for Birds is the kind of thing that has been coming to fruition for a while.

While Phastack has been working on the new album for several years, the final product is a different animal.

Birds is more about the production side of things, while Phastkis contributions are on the production front.

This has allowed Phastko to put his own stamp on the songwriting and to put himself in a position to deliver his best work to date.

In this respect, Birds is Phastikans strongest album yet.

The band has been touring around the world since February, but Phast’s debut, Birds will be the first time they’re all together in the same place, as the band heads to Germany for the first leg of their tour.

With the new tour, Phasteks production prowess is starting to show, and Phast is starting a fresh path on the next phase of his career.

Birds will feature a number of guest artists that are already familiar to Phas fans, including fellow VMP producer/bassist, Andreas Förster.

The VMP label has always done a great job of releasing artists that showcase their talents and personalities, and Birds will no doubt be no exception.

With new bassist, Stefan Doktas, joining the VMM label, it will be up to the VPM to continue to deliver this sound.

The band is excited to have Först, who has been an important part of Phasm for years, on board as a full member.

The duo has done a fantastic job of creating the best Phastki sound so far, and Första has proved to be a true force to be reckoned with in the live arena.

The debut album is already garnering critical acclaim from fans.

The title track from Birds is already one of our favorites on the entire disc, and the album’s opener, “No One Can Stop Me,” is already being hailed as a must-have in the music community.

We expect Birds to be one of the best albums of 2017, and we can’t wait to see what Phastcks new direction will be!

Check out the official album tracklist below:”No One Cannot Stop Me” (Phasteks)”Birds” (Första)”No Way Out” (Doktastas)”One Night” (Tjövötäinen

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