Tesla announces new high performance mufflers, including an S-series

Tesla has announced a new range of high performance performance muffler designs that are being used by some of its biggest rivals, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

The Tesla S Series, which was introduced in 2018, is a new line of high-performance muffler designed specifically for the new Model 3, which Tesla said is expected to be unveiled in 2019.

Tesla said the S Series mufflers are built on high performance materials such as carbon fibre, steel, aluminum and titanium, and are able to achieve a performance of 2,000 horsepower, compared to 1,200 horsepower in standard performance models.

In addition to the S-Series, the company said it has a range of other high performance models, including the S6, S6 Plus, S8 and S8 Plus.

In a video posted to the company’s Instagram account, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that the S series is the first ever high performance electric vehicle muffler that can handle the power of the most powerful supercars, as well as the power required by the fastest supercars.

Musk also said the performance muffers have an overall weight of around 3,200 pounds, which makes them light enough to be used in a car without having to be taken apart.

“This is not just a high performance car muffler, it’s the first electric vehicle that can be used with a low-profile engine to produce a lot of horsepower,” he said.

“It’s going to be very powerful, it really is.”

In addition, the S5 and S6 performance models are able use an aluminum crank case that is lighter than standard aluminium crankcases, as they can be made lighter without breaking up the engine.

The S Series includes an internal combustion engine, and the S8 includes an electric motor.

Tesla is currently working on a new electric vehicle with the same size and design as the S9.

The company did not say how much of a difference it would make, but said it could be “substantial”.

Musk said the company is working on the new S-Class.

“We’re building some big, beautiful, supercars,” he told the Financial Times.

“And we need some pretty powerful cars to be able to do it.”

I think it’s important to understand the technology that we’re building is really powerful, but it’s also going to have a very small footprint and it’s going for a very high level of performance.””

We know that’s not going to happen in a few years, but I think there’s a lot that we can do to make it happen,” he added.

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