How to beat a virus with a little help from your friends

In his first full day as president, Donald Trump has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to conduct a review of how its workforce has handled the coronavirus pandemic.

The review will determine how the government responds to outbreaks of infection, how its policies can help keep the nation safe and how to get the public prepared for a new epidemic.

Trump has also appointed an emergency director, who will oversee the coronovirus response, and appointed three deputy emergency directors.

The emergency director is tasked with ensuring the federal government is prepared for the coronivirus outbreak and how best to manage the health care costs.

In his executive order, Trump has directed the secretary of homeland security, under secretary of health and human services and the director of the Office of Management and Budget to work with the director’s office and the departments of health, human services, agriculture, and energy to coordinate with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to develop a strategy to manage and contain the coronvirus outbreak.

“The President’s actions are vital to the health and safety of Americans,” said Trump’s acting director of public affairs, Michael Anton, in a statement.

“The President is taking action to strengthen the nation’s preparedness to face a new pandemic, and we’re proud to join him in this effort.”

President Trump, who was sworn in Monday, said in a tweet that the CDC is working to identify the next steps to better protect the American people from a new and deadly virus.

“We must find a way to make sure our citizens are protected from the next COVID-19 pandemic,” Trump said.

“I am asking our Department of Homeland Security to work closely with the Department [of Health and Health Care Services] to identify a plan to ensure our citizens and our state and local health departments have the resources and tools necessary to prepare for the new pandemics.”

In his new post, the deputy director will work to coordinate federal responses to coronaviruses, the White House said.

He will also oversee federal health services agencies to support states in implementing their own coronaviral plans.

The Trump administration has called for a plan for state and county health departments to develop and implement coronaviring programs, which include developing an effective prevention plan, testing, and monitoring protocols for coronavirenes, and a coronavital care strategy.

Trump said that his administration is considering the creation of a National Prevention Strategy.

“I’m asking all states to join the president in his efforts to make our health care system as safe and effective as possible,” said Anton, the acting director.

“We must ensure our people are protected, and the president is taking steps to do just that.”

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