Ford launches ‘hybrid’ performance tires in GT performance model

Ford is rolling out the first hybrid performance tires for its GT, the Mustang GT.

The GT Performance program will offer hybrid tires in four models, including the Mustang.

The new hybrid tires will be available in the GT Performance model, GT Performance Sport, GT Sport Performance Plus, and GT Performance Plus Plus Hybrid.

The hybrid tires have a combined weight of 885 pounds (300 kg), and they are rated at 155 miles per hour (300 kilometers per hour) on the highway.

The Ford GT Performance Performance is a new vehicle that launched last year in partnership with GT Advanced, a division of the German automaker.

The company says the new hybrid tire will be lighter, more powerful, and less fuel-efficient than the conventional hybrid tire, and it can handle the extra weight.

Ford says the hybrid tires offer better fuel economy than standard hybrid tires and are more powerful than conventional hybrids.

Ford GT performance tire image: Ford.

Ford has been aggressively marketing the Mustang since the 1970s, and the brand continues to promote the GT performance program as a way to drive sales of the car.

The Mustang GT has a top speed of 170 mph (240 kilometers per hr), which is nearly two times the current record of 159 mph (218 kilometers per h).

Ford says its new hybrid performance tire will also offer improved fuel economy over the existing GT performance tires.

The brand says the “GT Performance” series is designed to offer “an incredible level of performance” and is designed for the Mustang and other high-performance vehicles.

“The Ford GT is the ultimate platform to explore the full potential of hybrid technology,” said Gary B. Miller, vice president of engineering, technology, and product planning, Ford Performance.

“This new performance tire is just the next step in that journey.”

The Mustang will be the first GT to offer a hybrid tire.

“Ford Performance is excited to partner with Ford to bring the Mustang to market with a hybrid performance product,” said Tim Dolan, president and chief executive officer, Ford Advanced Technologies, in a statement.

“These new performance tires are designed to help the Mustang deliver more performance and better fuel efficiency for the new GT, which will debut in 2019.”

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