‘I don’t want to go to bed’: Singer tells the story of how she left the band to find the one she really wanted in 2018

A songwriter who had an “open mind” when she joined the Rolling Stones as a 17-year-old is telling her story of life in the band in 2018.

In the new documentary, “She’s Leaving” , the singer reveals the story behind her breakup with the Rolling Stone and how her life with the band changed as a result.

The documentary, which will be available on Netflix on Monday, February 28, features a selection of interviews with musicians and former members of the Rolling Thunder as well as their family and friends.

She was 17 when she met guitarist Roger Waters in the summer of 1970, and they were already engaged.

“He was my life for a long time,” she said in the documentary.

“And he was really kind of a good person, and he was a really nice person.

And then we hit it off.

And that was it.

He was the one.

And he was always the one.”

“It was very romantic,” she continued.

“We had been together a long, long time.

He had a great sense of humor.

He didn’t say no, so we had a lot of fun.”

Waters told Rolling Stone that he didn’t know about the breakup until the day before it happened, when she and him walked into a room together.

“I remember she was looking at me, and I said, ‘Are you the one?'” he recalled.

“She was like, ‘Oh yeah, I am.

I don’t think so.’

And I said ‘Well, maybe I am,’ and she was like ‘I know, you don’t know.'”

The documentary also highlights the band’s early days, including a period of heavy touring and a time when the band was struggling financially.

“It just got really, really dark and dark and it just felt like a total loss,” Waters said.

“For us, we weren’t in it to be in it for the money.

We were in it because it felt like we were.

We just wanted to do something we loved, and it didn’t feel right to let it go.”

“I’m leaving” will premiere on Netflix March 2.

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