What’s on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch today?

The next few weeks will be critical for Apple, and the company has some big decisions to make.

The new iOS 8 update for iOS devices is a major overhaul that is expected to bring a lot of new features to iOS, including some major new features, new apps, and some major upgrades to the iOS ecosystem.

Today’s release will see many of these major updates come in the form of major bug fixes, improvements to performance, and even major new apps.

In the meantime, however, some of the iOS 8 features that have been on the agenda for months are still coming along, including support for FaceTime calls, support for multiple iOS devices on the same network, and more.

Apple has been working on FaceTime since the first iOS 8 beta, and while some of these features are only coming along now, they will make their way to the final version of iOS in a few months.

FaceTime is a feature that lets iOS users send and receive FaceTime text messages and FaceTime video calls over the Internet.

With the iOS update, Apple is adding FaceTime support for Apple Pay, as well as the ability for users to create and manage FaceTime conversations.iOS 8 is also bringing support for iCloud Drive and the iCloud Photo Library, a new feature that allows users to share files from one computer to another.

iCloud Drive lets users share photos and videos stored on their devices, and iCloud Photo library allows users on one computer access to other computers on the Internet to view photos and video.

Apple also is making major changes to how iCloud Photos is handled.

iCloud Photos now supports file sharing from within a separate folder within iCloud, and when a user uploads a file from iCloud Photos to another computer, that file will be shared across the iCloud cloud, not just the Apple iCloud account.

The Apple Watch has also been receiving major updates this year, including a new watchOS 4 interface, new support for the Apple Watch Series 2, and a new fitness app.

The upcoming iOS 8 release is expected in the coming weeks, and there will be more updates in the near future.

The iOS 8 upgrade is also expected to introduce new new features for iOS, as the company continues to work on supporting a variety of different devices.

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