‘Gotham’: Batman Begins trailer, trailers, and more reveal a new story of Gotham City

Batman Begins is the biggest movie of the year, but what exactly is it about?

Well, this is what I was able to find out in the first trailer for the film, which is available to stream on the WB’s YouTube channel.

Batman Begins opens with a scene of Gotham city in ruins.

We are shown that Gotham is being destroyed, as the city is being taken over by an alien race.

This alien race, known as the “Gotha” or “Gravemind,” wants to rule the world as the new rulers of Gotham.

Gotham City is being controlled by the Gravemind, which looks very similar to the original Black Mirror episode “The Girl Who Knew Too Much.”

The Gravemind have a vision of the future, and they want Gotham to be ruled by them.

Gotham’s mayor, Thomas Wayne, tells the Gravebrain, “GOTHAM WILL NOT BE DESTROYED!


The Gravebrain then orders a massive air attack on Gotham City, which results in Gotham City being taken down and destroyed by a giant air force jet.

This scene is followed by a flashback scene where Batman confronts a group of the Grave Mind, where they explain to him that he is the next ruler of Gotham, and he is to be the next king of Gotham as well.

Batman fights the GraveMind, who is a humanoid creature, before he defeats the creature.

The GraveMind tells Batman that they have to kill Gotham City before they rule Gotham, before they can become king of the world.

The next scene features Bruce Wayne fighting a group that the Grave mind calls “the Black-Pill,” a group consisting of several Black-Eyed Terrorists.

The Black-Pen has captured Bruce Wayne, and Batman defeats them.

Then the Grave brain tells Bruce that he will be the last ruler of the Gotham City.

He tells Bruce to kill all the Black-pills, as well as his daughter, Barbara Gordon, who has been kidnapped.

Bruce Wayne and his allies then take control of the plane and begin the assault on the city.

Batman and his team, including his girlfriend, Barbara, and their new ally, Harvey Bullock, defeat the Black Pills.

The plane then explodes, and Bruce and his group escape to a space station.

Later, Batman arrives at the space station to investigate a message sent by Alfred, who had been kidnapped by the Black Pill.

Alfred tells Batman, “You and your friends have saved Gotham City from being destroyed.

It’s my job now.

You are now my new protector.”

This message is later seen by a group called the “Justice League.”

Batman tells the Justice League that he and his teammates are going to fight back against the Black Plague, which has infected Gotham City and all of Gotham and killed thousands of people.

They then find out that the plague is not the only one.

The plague is spreading through Gotham and killing all of the people in Gotham, so Batman must protect the city as well before it spreads into other cities.

In the end, Bruce Wayne becomes the last protector of Gotham in a desperate battle against the plague.

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