How to optimize for Facebook’s Facebook Performance Tool

With Facebook’s latest performance tool, it’s easier than ever to measure your company’s performance across multiple metrics.

Here are six things you can do to make sure you’re measuring Facebook’s metrics in the right way.


Choose the right metrics.

To help you understand how Facebook measures its performance, we asked Facebook’s lead performance engineer, Jason Dutton, what metrics he wanted to track.

Here’s what he had to say: 1.

The number of users.

For this metric, you want to measure the percentage of users who are using Facebook’s mobile app on a day-to-day basis.

This is the number of people who are on the app at any given time, as opposed to the number who are active on the site.


The time spent on Facebook.

This metric will measure how much time you spend on Facebook on average every day.


The quality of your posts.

You want to see how many posts are engaging with your audience and whether they’re engaging in high quality content.


The average amount of time people spent on the website.


The length of time users spent on your website.


The duration of time spent in your user profiles.

This will measure the time users spend on the platform as a whole.

The metrics that you can track in each of these categories are important to track, Dutton says.

For example, the average time people spend on your site is a better indicator of how many times you’re engaging with the site’s community than the average amount that people spend each day on Facebook, says Dutton.

Dutton recommends choosing metrics that measure engagement on a daily or weekly basis.

“If you’re going to be using Facebook on a weekly basis, the metrics that will be most important to you are the quality of posts you’ve created or the number and quality of people that are coming in through the platform,” Dutton explains.

For a company like Facebook, which makes money from ads and other content, it may be important to measure quality and engagement more frequently.

But Dutton cautions against using this metric as a proxy for how well your users are engaged with your content.

“As far as engagement on Facebook goes, it is a pretty high bar,” Durden says.

“A lot of the metrics are subjective.”

“If the metric you’re looking at is average engagement, then that’s a really poor indicator of a company’s overall success.”

To find out what metrics you should be tracking, click here.


The percentage of Facebook’s active users who have completed a free trial.

A free trial is a set of tools that allows users to try out a new service before committing to a subscription.

The most popular free trial on Facebook is the My Facebook app, which allows users the opportunity to test out a number of new features.

For Facebook’s performance tool and other metrics, Denton recommends using the free trial as a way to measure how users are responding to the site and to get a better understanding of how the site is performing.

“We want to know if there are a lot of people using the service and whether we’re getting more people on the service,” Denton says.

3/5: The average number of times you use the Facebook mobile app during a given day.

The Facebook mobile apps are designed to provide users with a more efficient experience on Facebook and they offer some of the most useful features for tracking user activity.

Here, you’ll see the average number the mobile app user has completed a full day of Facebook.

4/5 : The average time users are in the My Social Network app.

This measurement measure how many people are in your My Facebook profile and the average hours people spend in the app.

5/5 The average length of your user profile.

For most companies, this metric is more useful to measure user retention than overall engagement, Durden explains.

“I’m not sure that the metric of length of profile is necessarily relevant to us,” Danton says.

5 percent of Facebook users are using the mobile apps every day and 10 percent are doing so regularly.

“It is very rare that 10 percent of your users aren’t using the platform at some point in their lives,” Ditton says.

But if you want your metrics to measure engagement, you need to be tracking more than just active users.

“That’s not going to work well if you have a high percentage of active users,” Dickson says.

6/5 number of hours logged into your Facebook account every day: For this measurement, you should use the MyFacebook app, the My Timeline app or the My Pages app to see what users are doing on Facebook every day, Danton explains.

If you want a better sense of how your users respond to your content, Ditton recommends checking out the My Stories app, where users post stories from their profile.

“You want to get data that shows the people who actually are using your site,” Dontone says.

7/5 time spent online

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