How to beat the car you’re buying with Audi performance specs

If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable and affordable car, then the Audi A3 is the one for you.

It has a solid reputation for reliability and durability.

The Audi A4 is a luxury model and comes in both manual and automatic modes.

Both are capable of handling pretty much anything.

There are some differences though, so it’s best to take a look at the specs before you make a decision.

The A3 uses a 6-cylinder engine and produces 306hp, while the A4 uses a six-cylindered engine and generates 312hp.

Both cars are also capable of reaching 60mph in 3.9sec and are rated at 205kg.

The A3 comes with the 8-speed DSG automatic transmission and can also be had with the 9-speed automatic.

Both have a standard six-speed manual transmission.

The automatic version is rated at 19mpg while the automatic is rated with an 18mpg rating.

The manual transmission comes with an all-wheel drive system and can be had for £2,959.

The A4’s engine is a 6.0L twin-turbo V8 and produces 270hp.

The engine is rated for 160mph and is capable of doing a top speed of 197mph.

It comes with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission for £3,299.

The DSG auto is rated by Audi as being the most reliable automatic transmission on the market and is able to deliver an 18-mpg top speed.

The car is available in a leather-wrapped, black and white colour scheme, with a price tag of £1,999.

The DSG is the most fuel-efficient manual transmission on offer.

It produces 186mpg with a range of 155mph.

Both engines are rated for a top-speed of 195mph and are able to achieve an all time top speed rating of 215mph.

The top speed is rated from 220mph to 270mph and can achieve an average of 208mph.

There is a six speed manual transmission for the A3 and a six speeds DSG transmission for A4.

The DCT transmission for both engines is rated as being able to perform at least a top 200mph.

The new Audi A5 is the new flagship for Audi and has a range that’s bigger than any other car on the road.

It’s a sporty, powerful and comfortable car with a top speeds of 205mph and a range from 155mph to 300mph.

This is the car that will give you the best bang for your buck and it’s priced at £28,995.

The Audi A6 is a new car for Audi, but it’s more than just a new name.

It is a premium offering that is also the flagship of the new brand and comes with two petrol engines, an all new front suspension, upgraded brakes, new headlights and a new sound system.

It also has a 6 speed manual and DSG manual for the base model.

The 6 speed automatic comes with Audi’s own unique, eight-speed DCT manual transmission, while all the standard features of the DSG can be added for an extra £1/kWh.

The new car also has two new airbags, the A7 airbag and the A8 airbag.

Both of these airbags are rated by the manufacturer for an average airbag pressure of 7.2kg/sq ft.

The all-new A7 comes with new all-metal and carbon fibre construction, which is said to improve airbags performance and protect occupants from head injuries.

The front suspension is said also to have been improved with a more powerful, more direct ride, which can improve aerodynamics.

The rear suspension is claimed to be improved to improve the handling and to help the vehicle cope with high-speed cornering.

The cabin is said be more comfortable and spacious with a revised dashboard with improved navigation, power windows and a centre screen.

The car is also said to have improved airbags with a new aluminium roof and a more sophisticated and efficient design.

It should also be able to handle higher speeds and the new rear spoiler has been improved.

The top speed range of the A6 can reach 170mph.

All of the cars are available with the new Audi-designed A7 exterior, a new, all-aluminium, carbon fibre roof, a red badge, red badges and a carbon fibre spoiler.

It’ll be available in two different colours for £26,995 (including tax).

The A6 comes with some other notable improvements to its exterior as well as some new features.

It includes new alloy wheels for a higher-grip feel and is said by Audi to be lighter and stiffer than before.

The wheels are claimed to increase traction and help the car handle better in urban driving conditions.

The centre stack now includes two more centre stack panels to increase stability in cornering, improving traction and stopping power.

The whole car is said come with a longer wheelbase, which Audi says improves

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