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By Football Italian staff It’s been a long wait for All-Stars.

For a while it was unclear when we’d finally get our hands on the new All-STAR 2018.

But now, it looks like the first All-American will be announced at a press conference in Orlando, Florida, on Monday. 

The All-star game will be the first time that the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and college football will take place on a single day.

The first edition of the All-stars were played in 1970 in Chicago, and have since grown to include a variety of players from all over the world. 

It was supposed to be the beginning of a new era of the NBA All-time Games, but it’s been plagued with scheduling conflicts. 

There were reports last week that the All, which is an honor given to the best players in the NBA history, would be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

It would have been the first all-star since the 2017 game. 

However, the news didn’t go over well with the All Star Game community, who feel that the schedule was pushed too far for the All Stars to be played in the city they all grew up in. 

All-Star host Stephen A. Smith was also scheduled to hold a press briefing in Los Vegas, but that press conference was cancelled when the team was already at Los Angeles to host the All In The Family concert. 

Now, we’ll see what the All star game is like, but at least we know that it will include some NBA stars from the past and future. 

We know that the Los Angeles Lakers will be joined by former Chicago Bulls All-Pro James Worthy, but we’ll also see who the All Pro’s will be. 

This will be a new format, but if the media is to be believed, the Allstar Game will also include the All in the Family’s Mark Cuban and Michael Jordan, who are still alive and well. 

Who will be on the podium?

It’s unclear who will be presenting the first awards, but there’s a chance it could be former All-Pros and current All-Americans Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry.

Durant is coming off of his third All-NBA season and he’s a key player in the Golden State Warriors, but he’s been out of the spotlight for a while. 

Curry was the recipient of the league’s most prestigious award, the Defensive Player of the Year, in 2015. 

What do we know about the Allstars? 

The format of the game will likely be similar to the last edition, with each player participating in an individual game.

The All-Bros will meet for a game that’s mostly about the basketball, with the stars representing different teams. 

For example, the Spurs will meet with the Thunder for the first game, and the Thunder will play the Lakers. 

But for the second game, the stars of the opposing team will be chosen for the team to face, which means the Lakers and the Pelicans will be facing each other in the first matchup of the night. 

In addition to the AllStars, there will be four All-Sellers. 

These players are supposed to act as ambassadors for their team, and will then go on to make appearances on the court. 

While the All of Stars will be representing different sports teams, it’s not certain who will make an appearance on the NBA TV All-Time Series, which starts on March 17, 2020. 

If there are four All Star players who are not present, they will have the opportunity to appear on NBA All Star Jam, an interactive app that will feature an All-Teal Game on March 25, 2020, in front of a live audience. 

Will we see the All stars play? 

It’s likely that there will at least one All-Superstar (which is the league equivalent of the MVP award) on the field, and maybe one All Star who will not be on an All Star team, but will instead represent the NBA team. 

That would mean that Kobe Bryant would be on his way to being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, but even then he won’t be the only player to be selected for the Hall of Famer’s honor. 

Kobe Bryant is a former All Star, but the NBA Hall of Honor selection process has yet to be decided. 

Can we expect to see more All-D stars? 

With the All Tributes being a new tradition, there’s not a whole lot of room for the NBA to expand their rosters to include more All Stars. 

So, there won’t likely be any more All Star appearances, and it seems like it will be only the All All Stars who are eligible to be honored in the Hall. 

Is this the first of the 2019 NBA All Stars? 

We already know that we will see Kobe Bryant, who was chosen as the All

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